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Neelikon is a prime manufacturer of high quality specialty fluorescent dyes used in production of daylight fluorescent pigments, textile dyeing, non-destructive testing (NDT), plastic coloration etc. and dyes & pigments for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, home care, stationary and inkjet ink industries.

Neelikon is committed to supply best quality colours, meeting legislative and statutory requirements by adapting good manufacturing practices consistently.

Development of Fluorescent Dyes:

It was around in the late 90's that Neelikon came across a request from the market to develop Fluorescent Yellow Naphthalimide as well as Coumarin dyes. It was then that Neelikon started the development work to produce these dyes and were eventually successful in launching these dyes in the international market in the early years of this century under the brand name "NEELIGLOW". All the Neeliglow Fluorescent Dyes which Neelikon currently offers have been completely developed by indigenous technology.

All the Neeliglow Fluorescent Dyes are being manufactured by Neelikon at its works at Roha town which is about 120kms from Mumbai City. Currently Neelikon is strong in Fluorescent yellow Naphthalimide and Coumarin dyes as well as some fluorescent red and orange dyes. Recently Neelikon has been successful in developing some fluorescent red and orange dyes based on Perylene Chemistry.

Neeliglow Fluorescent Dyes give high colour value and fluorescent intensity, with good stability and light fastness properties.

We welcome your enquiries for the development of new specialty colourants/ products.

Thank you for your interest in our colourants.

This website is dedicated to fluorescent dyes. For more information on food, pharmaceutical, personal/home care & cosmetic colours. please visit www.neelikon.com. For more information on Neelikon’s dyes for stationary and inkjet inks please visit www.solventgreen7.in